A Practical Guide to Form & Foam Construction

Foam concrete is an ideal building material for walls as it can be produced in a number of densities with each its own properties. Foam concrete can be produced to suit the particular requirements of each project and environment. Foam concrete is strong, has a very good thermal insulation, a high fire rating and is very durable. Houses made with foam concrete can be designed to resist cyclones, earthquakes and a extreme weather conditions. The expected effects of Climate Change can be incorporated in the design as well, making the houses very long lasting. Modern formwork systems allows a very high production speed. All walls of one housing unit can be produced in one day. With proper organizing on the site, one complete house can be built per day with the use of one formwork mould. This website provides an overall and complete picture of the design and construction of foam concrete houses. Aspects from design to choice of formwork system and site practice are covered. It enables interested parties to select the most suitable package for their projects. ----- Please contact me for further information or consultancy on for foam concrete applications and related subjects via the above link. ------ The Netherlands, January 2016 Albert Mandemaker